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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Welcome to Lagendia

Hey People! It's Eclipse again, so it's my time to update the blog :) Just kidding , it's just that i'm quite busy for the past few month due to College assignment and some social life as well.

Alright, for today. I would like to recommend a game for you guys. For game haters, please Shuddup and stop telling me to stop being so over for this game!

Ever since when we're young, we had tried countless of MMORPG in out life. Most of the game format was like "Classic RPG style" which is about you hit your opponent and your opponent will hit you back. So it's depends on your personal's stats and equipment for one's survival.

Have you tired of that kind of game? Always receiving IMBA damage from your enemy and can't dodge it? Well, come and join me into the kingdom of Lagendia.

Yup, I'm talking about DRAGON NEST.

An MMORPG that's originated from Korea that's function like a most PS2 console RPG (Exp: Devil Mat Cry or God of War)

What are the difference of this game with others? It's heaven and hell, Players! Tired of bashing the same keyboard again and again? Always stuck some boring quest with boring story line that you don't even want to know about it? Want to establish a better relationship with some NPCs but you can't?  Somersault, Charge, Dodge And Combo Kill.. Some basic move that can be seen in console game that is now.. Available in Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity Games. It uses a non-targeting combat system ensuring that players have complete control over every single one of their character's movements. Dragon Nest requires users to advance their characters by teaming up and traveling into instanced dungeons.

Besides, it incorporates non-targeting system gameplay to create a fast paced action filled experience. Players choose from a range of heroes, characters that are of the Dragon Nest storyline that can equip customizable gear and weapons. Devastating skills can also be learned, to increase one's power when defeating monsters in instanced dungeons or defeating other players in PVP.
Dragon Nest also has the advantage of being nearly completely skill based, with lower level characters being able to defeat high level characters in PVP with skill alone. This allows a more experienced player that is of a lower level to dominate a less experienced player of a higher level player in PVP.
Sound's interesting? Let me help you guys get into the beginning. At first, you will had to choose one of the four main jobs with preset gender. You will either choose Male Human Warrior, Male Human Cleric, Female Elf Archer or Female Human Sorcerer as your character.
Character details


Quick and Agile. Warrior relies on quick pace melee combo. Which is the most common job in Dragon Nest SEA (As well as over-populated?) With his strong physical attack, fast and furious combo, with the ability to dash, he can easily combo his enemy to death if their enemy is as clumsy as a rock.


Calmly holding his ground with a shield, makes him the tanker of the team. With his lightning spell, he's unfazed even when faced with mobs 10,000 strong. With his high defense to make up for lack of power, he can be fearsome with great combo and able to heal himself.


Willowy and flexible as her bow, the Archer attacks multiple enemies at once! This nimble fighter uses powerful ranged spell that makes her enemy almost impossible to escape her bullseye accurancy.


Hailed as the Queen of Elements, this intellectual beauty uses powerful spells to torture their enemy by inflicting variety of status ailments. Watch your movement while fighting the ladies, 1 wrong move can lead to your banishment.

A girl named Rose, suppose to be the decedent of the ancient possessed a great power was kidnapped by some evil organization and it's up to us to follow the story line while save the girl.

Personal comment
As a player myself, I think that this game is the best compare to other MMORPG I played so far. With it's cinematic scene, great scenery, exciting combo system, and easy to adapt gaming environment makes it almost perfect as an  online game. One of the great function I like so much is the Dodging system. Most online game would like standing there, letting them hit me while I channeling some spell to hit him. This game enabled us to disable their skill and go for infinite combo if you can do it right.
Look? Even Chuck gives a Thumbs up :)

As a Paladin (Cleric's 2nd job advancement) , I had been enjoying the game by shielding most of the attack cause i'm a little to lazy to dodge all the attack given :p
Those who wish to play with me, you may add me 
FatedCode - Lvl 40 Paladin -Server :Westwood

Friday, September 30, 2011

Anime Review with DC : Blood C

 If you love blood and gore anime, then Blood-C is the anime that you looking for~ Presented by CLAMP(Same as XXHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle series) ! Just like other "Blood" series, the main character was named Saya. Just that the family name changed in every series. For this series, Saya Kisaragi appeared to be a shrine maiden and a student at first. Having a normal school life, ordinary friend, normal priest father. But her secret job was to kill a human-eating monster named Furukimono "The Old Ones" with a holy sword of the shrine. But what awaits her in the future? Let us go to the summary...


On the first episode, it starts with a long draggy introduction of blood, blood, then characters. Mostly about Saya's father-Tadayoshi, Coffee shop owner and neighbour-Fumito, Classmates- Yuka, Nono with Nene (Twins), Itsuki the class president, Shin'ichiro, and teacher Kanako. With these character talking for the whole episode really is boring like hell -.-. But when the episode reaches the final few minutes, Saya was assigned by his dad to kill the so-called Furukimono. The battle scenes and animation were quite good, but the finishing move was too simple, I mean TOO FAST. Just by changing her eye-color, a critical hit will be made. 
Ownage time...

For the next 3 episode, it's the damn same story arc as the 1st one. School life then secret killing mission. The only different was a talking dog (Seems to be Watanuki Kimihiro from XXXHolic , crossover much?) appeared and keep saying some stuff about "Who did you promise to?"

Up until the 5th episode, she suddenly had some headache and visions about something about floating blood bottle. And this time, the Furukimono's design was much more freaky than usual. It's an EYEBALL!!! Still, CRITICAL KiLL! 

After that back to the class on the next day, the teacher tells a horror story that claimed that something weird would happen if someone listen to it. While getting to the good part, Saya fainted ... That lead to the next day, while Nene(one of the twins) went to visit Saya a Furukimono appeared! And here comes episode 6,7,8,9,10 of Bloody Shit Episode~!

In these episodes, everyone who listen to the story get killed by Furukimono ONE BY ONE. First , Nene(Episode6), then Nono (Episode 7), then some irrelevant civilians(Episode 7), 99% of her classmates! (Episode 8,9)

The one that kill 99% of her classmates

While watching the episodes, It's really disturbing that white fogs and censored box appear out of no where to cover some bloody part. Not once, not twice, but for the whole episode!  

Nice Try, But you FAILED! Well, at least the president survived.

FUUUUU... FOGS!!! Btw, that's Yuka

For some extra infoin episode 10, one of the good-looking guy in her class Shin'ichiro confessed his feeling to Saya. Which as first think that, So that's why he get to survived the massacre of the school. Well, cause he's wasn't in school that time! Well, he still get killed in that episode as well by a flying head with her backbone attached...
BackBones... BRAINZZZ.....

Again with episode 10, The So-Called Story started in my opinion. Cause Saya discovered that all books that should be detailing the Furukimono in the shrine are all empty. And then A BIG TURN AROUND! Some main character that were supposed to be dead appeared in front of Saya!
The bad guys... Teacher, Nono, Nene, and Shin'ichiro!?
You Bastard.. I though you're one of the good ones.

This time, everything is clearly stated. About what is this story about. Apparently, Saya was a Furukimono as well, except that she does not eat humans. The town where Saya lived, her life was entirely just an act ,a project. She was then forced by them to drink the blood of Furukimono and here comes some classic "Who Are You" moment as she starting to regain her memories. Then again, something unexpected showed up. Yuka, Itsuki and Fumito came to the rescue? Heck no... The organizer of this project was actually Fumita-san!? As the shit starting to get confuse, A rain-deer looked Furukimono appeared. 

Up until episode 12! The Final episode, everything starting to make sense now. As Saya had completely regained her memory,Saya finally remembers that, having been captured by Fumito, she had her memories altered and was put on a stage to feed on Furukimonos as a test to see if she would change. Fumito has the Furukimono to kill Shinichiro, Nene and Nono for disobeying their orders. Saya kills the Furukimono before it can kill Kanako, but she is instead killed by Takayoshi who is revealed to be half-Furukimono that has gone beserk from drinking Saya's blood.

Before I continue, I need to state out that this is by far the funniest episode I watched until now. Cause it gives me the feel that the producer like wanna throw everything they have into one episode. All the bloody moment suddenly got so realistic and the scenes are like.. What the hell!?
Watching Nene(or Nono?) getting ripped into half is seriously mentally tormented(Even with the fogs)

While Saya almost get defeated by Tokayoshi, her sword suddenly shines. And defeated Takayoshi in an instants... FATALITY... Oh, before I forgot, she had her eye in bloody-red mode all the time after she regained her memory. After killed her beloved "Father", she was seriously pissed by Fumito's plot and tries to kill him. Hmm... Nice try, but sadly stop by bunch of people with guns. Itsuki, who fell in love with Saya sacrificed himself in the rain of bullets to save her. Before that, Another special Furukimono which is sliced into half by Saya suddenly revived and multiplied went to attack the fake town.


In the attack, I can't denied the creativity of the  producer. Cause it was so creative that the Furukimono got different method of eating humans. At first, I saw the classic grab and bite; then bite the head off and squish out the blood; some poke the humans with their fingers and make a human Satay; and finally the most genius idea to be think of. Stuffing them into a container and BLEND Them!!! The people also look kinda funny when they ran and shouted " This Is Not How It Says In The Contract!!! "

blood-c-1202.jpg (592×340)

In the end, Cutting through the Monsters Carnival, Saya uses her godly strength to chase Fumito and Yuka. It's very enjoyable to see how she ran and jumped through buildings just cut the chopper!
But sadly, Fumito was too smart to be a villian. He expected that and shot Saya with a handgun which make a HOLE in Saya's left eye. 

Eventually , Saya survived the shot. What happens next really drove me into great suspense. She ripped some cloth from her skirt and covered her eye like the picture above. Then, she throw away her so-called holy sword (actually just a normal sword as the story tells) as it had broken and ran to the city (Tokyo perhaps?).

After watching the final episode, I've been wondering. Why did the ending lead to no where? Thanks to a friend named Google, I found out that Blood-C : the movie (Somewhere July 2012) will show Saya's Search and Kill process.

Time for some evaluation, Story → 4/10 Cause to draggy, Animation_from 5/10 to 8/10 Thanks to the final episode, Overall?

I enjoyed the action sequence despite how suck it was at the beginning.

That's All Folks :D Hope you enjoy the Review and Summary...